Our 7 room studio is fully equipped for your creative needs!
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First Class

“When I photograph I make love.”
Alfred Stieglitz
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Pro Level Audio Recording

No need to worry about equipment our 2 room studio is ready for industry leading output.
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Sets worth booking

From Photos to Podcast we've got you covered

Photography Studio

Multiple Creative Sets
Whether you're shooting for a client or trying to get some professional family photos we have easy booking to make it happen.
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Podcast Studio

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Our fully equipped Podcast room will seat up to 7 and is perfect for easy audio and video recording sessions.
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Music Recording & Production

Unmatched Quality
Your music is precious, and when it finally comes to the right time to share it with the world, you want to know that it’s been recorded in the best possible place. Quality is important, and we'll help you and your music stand out in competitive markets.
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Create In Our Studio

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Meet the Jem studios team 

Built for Creatives

There are so many talented creatives in Dallas with limited access to equipment,  space, and community JEM Studios was built to solve these underrated industry issues.At JEM Studios we want creatives to be able to execute their craft in the most efficient way.